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Peer networks

AMHO is committed to working in collaboration with its members, government, and other stakeholders to ensure that Ontarians have access to the necessary services.

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Promote and Sustain

AMHO helps to promote and sustain the support services offered by care providers by facilitating networks of peers and providers who can give advice, contribute ideas and share best practices.


Our Communities of Practice peer networks will be launching on the new AMHO Member Portal – a resource for members coming in early 2024. Watch for more information and instructions on how to join in our upcoming Member Bulletins.

Communities of Practice

To help ensure we offer support where and when it is needed most, AMHO maintains Communities of Practice (CoP), where members can share resources and advice, ask questions, and learn about new ideas. Our current CoPs include:
  • Community Mental Health

    The Community Mental Health Community of Practice (CoP) is a dedicated space where mental health professionals share their expertise, insights, and best practices for promoting mental health and providing comprehensive care to individuals facing mental health challenges. The Community Mental Health CoP serves as a hub for learning from one another’s experiences, exploring innovative approaches, and staying informed about evolving mental health trends and resources, with the shared goal of improving mental health outcomes for everyone.

  • Community Addictions

    The Community Addictions Community of Practice (CoP) is a forum that brings together professionals and experts dedicated to various facets of addiction care, including withdrawal management, bed-based treatment, community-based treatment and harm reduction. Within this CoP, addictions service providers can discuss best practices in delivering addiction services, and share their approaches to address challenges in the sector, to enhance the quality of addiction services across the spectrum of interventions.

  • Supportive Housing

    The Supportive Housing Community of Practice (CoP) is a dedicated space for mental health and addictions supportive housing providers to share their expertise, insights, and best practices for delivering supportive housing services. Within this CoP, members can also actively participate in discussions about housing grant applications, and funding opportunities from different ministries and levels of government, and share insights on creative solutions and continuous improvement activities.

  • Children and Youth Mental Health and Addictions
    The Children and Youth Mental Health and Addictions Community of Practice (CoP) brings together professionals and experts delivering services for children and youth in the mental health and addictions sector. Within this CoP, members will actively participate in meaningful conversations and exchange valuable insights on a wide range of topics, such as improving access to care, service planning and delivery for transition-age youth, and navigation of services outside of the healthcare umbrella. The objective is to collaboratively enhance the lives of children and youth facing mental health and addictions challenges.
“Without mental health, there can be no true physical health.” Dr. Brock Chisholm Canadian Psychiatrist First Director-General of the World Health Organization
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