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Excellence Through Quality Improvement Project

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mental health and addictions community

Since its inception in 2016, E-QIP has advanced the Quality Improvement (QI) capacity in the province of Ontario by offering a suite of QI and data capacity-building tools to further support the mental health and addictions community.

  • E-QIP’s Objectives

    The key objectives of E-QIP are to support mental health and addictions organizations build quality improvement and data capacity by:


    • Delivering supports and resources that guide organizations in their QI and measurement efforts, and align these activities to system and regional level priorities.
    • Advancing the understanding and consistent use of standardized tools and data sets across the sector.
    • Working closely with system partners, including the Centre of Excellence at Ontario Health, to advance provincial and regional level priorities in the mental health and addictions sector.
  • E-QIP Activities

    E-QIP offers mental health and addiction providers with access to a suite of tools, resources, and offerings to help advance their QI and data capacity, including:


    • Intensive QI and data coaching for QI projects at the organization level.
    • Community of Practice (CoP) to advance QI and measurement through the sharing of information, resources, and learnings.
    • Data Literacy Series to increase understanding and use of data from standardized tools.
    • Governance and leadership training on QI and measurement.
    • Consultations to provide “lighter touch” coaching that is targeted to the needs of organizations.
    • Foundations to QI (IDEAS) e-learning course.
    • Access to wide-range of QI resources, templates, and tools on the E-QIP website.


    If you’re interested in accessing E-QIP’s services, visit E-QIP’s registration pages here.

  • What’s next for E-QIP

    E-QIP will continue working across the mental health and addictions sector to advance QI and data capacity, including:


    • Building a common understanding of quality improvement in the community mental health and addiction sector.
    • Gaining an understanding of the full range of quality initiatives that exist in the sector, and promoting the spread of promising practices across mental health and addictions provider agencies.
    • Building capacity within the sector to utilize multiple data sources to support evidence-based decision making and planning, with a focus on provincial priority data sources/elements and alignment with government requirements.
    • Building sustainability of quality improvement capacity across the mental health and addictions sector.
    • Laying the groundwork to support sector readiness for government level expectations and requirements.
  • A Collaborative Approach

    The Project is delivered in partnership by Addictions and Mental Health Ontario and the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario.

    Together these organizations support Ontario’s mental health and addiction service providers to improve care by enhancing a sector-wide culture of Quality Improvement (QI).


    E-QIP’s work is funded by Ontario Health. The E-QIP team works collaboratively with Ontario Health to foster a data driven approach to improving care in the mental health and addictions sector and to support the implementation of the Roadmap to Wellness.

“Without mental health, there can be no true physical health.” Dr. Brock Chisholm Canadian Psychiatrist First Director-General of the World Health Organization
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