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Advocacy & Awareness

We advocate for meaningful and sustainable change at the system level to ensure that the voices and perspectives of our members and their clients are engaged in driving change with government, stakeholders, and the public.

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Offering a unified Voice

From improving financial support and public awareness, to highlighting areas of concern and offering a unified voice, AMHO and its members work together to inform all Ontarians of the state of mental health and addiction services.

Budget Submissions

The demand for treatment and addictions services has never been higher. AMHO uses pre-budget submissions to call on the government to make changes to mental health and addictions policy, operations and funding, based on input from our members, our stakeholders, and best practices.

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Sector Compensation

Low salaries in the mental health and addiction sector lead to higher staff turnover and lower service quality. Without funding for organizations to address immediate health human resources challenges, mental health and addiction clients will continue to face hurdles in receiving proper treatment.

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Opioid Response

Addressing the opioid crisis in Ontario. Evidence shows that more access to community services and support increases recovery rates for opioid users.

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“Without mental health, there can be no true physical health.” Dr. Brock Chisholm Canadian Psychiatrist First Director-General of the World Health Organization
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