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Budget Submissions

Each year AMHO gathers information from the MHA sector, our annual member survey, numerous stakeholders and aligned partner agencies to create an annual pre-budget submission which calls on the Ontario government to make improvements to mental health and addictions policy, operations and funding in this year’s provincial budget.

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improve the lives of all Ontarians

There is a mental health and addiction crisis in Ontario. The demand for mental health and addictions services and supports has never been higher. Clients often face challenges in getting the help they need, close to home and in a timely manner. Mental health and addictions providers are facing challenges as well, including working through a health human resources crisis and rising costs.

AMHO collects stories from providers, people with lived/living experience, caregivers and families, paired with research and best practices, to advocate for access to high-quality services.

Key Funding Priorities

With input from its membership, the AMHO has identified three priority areas for funding that are critical to building a truly comprehensive and connected mental health and addictions system of care in Ontario. 
  • Health and Human Resources
    The demand for mental health and addictions services in Ontario has never been greater. The longer Ontarians wait to receive these services, the more complex their needs become. Increases in client complexity necessitate increases in staffing and operational resources. It is incumbent on us to ensure appropriate staffing levels to provide for a safe working environment and support the highest quality of services that Ontarians deserve. A targeted $115 million investment in the community mental health and addictions workforce is urgently needed to address wage disparities with other sectors and prevent further widening of this gap. In addition, AMHO is calling upon the Ontario government to work collaboratively with the sector to develop a long-term HHR Strategy for Mental Health and Addictions.
  • Sector Stabilization
    Skyrocketing operating costs including rent, utilities, programming, and food have left Ontario’s overburdened and understaffed mental health and addictions agencies with fewer resources to provide care for those in need. As a result, providers are faced with difficult decisions related to keeping programs open. A targeted $85 million investment in the operational budgets of community mental health and addictions providers will have an immediate impact on operational shortfalls, help stabilize services, reduce the compounding effects of inflation, and better protect the health and well-being of those in need through the provision of continued essential services.
  • Supportive Housing
    Ontario needs more supportive housing. Supportive housing has demonstrated a strong impact on improving client health and wellness outcomes, while decreasing the risk of hospitalization, use of emergency services, and incarceration – presenting tremendous cost avoidance opportunities for the province AMHO is calling on the provincial government to work together with its federal and municipal counterparts to support the construction and operation of 40,000 new supportive housing units over 10 years – or 4,000 units per year. This equates to an annual investment of approximately $1 billion in capital costs from the federal and provincial governments ; and an additional $100 million per year for the operation, upkeep, and staffing of supportive housing and wraparound services from the provincial government.
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It's Time To Act

There is a mental health and addiction crisis in Ontario. The demand for mental health and addictions services and supports has never been higher. You can learn more by downloading It’s Time To Act – Budget Submission 2024.

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“Without mental health, there can be no true physical health.” Dr. Brock Chisholm Canadian Psychiatrist First Director-General of the World Health Organization
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