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AMHO Speaks Out on the Growing Fentanyl Issue

1st Apr 2016 AMHO News

As Canada’s media ramps up coverage of the growing fentanyl problem, AMHO has been actively offering insights and solutions to the discussions. A recent AMHO letter to the Globe and Mail editor emphasized the seriousness of this trend.

Dear editor:

Your recent coverage of Canada’s problem with fentanyl strikes at the heart of a life-threatening health issue. AMHO represents more than 200 community-based mental health and addictions services across Ontario, and our members are all too familiar with the growing problem with this substance, and they have data and stories to illustrate it.
AMHO hopes that comprehensive coverage of these tragic deaths will be the call to action needed to tackle serious questions such as:

  • How do we reduce the stigma that allows someone with a life-threatening health condition due to substance use to die alone?
  • Why are some physicians not properly linked to proven addictions treatment services in the community?
  • Why must people wait weeks for addiction treatment when the consequences are so severe?
  • Why are there practice limitations for some health care professionals in being able to administer some medications that are proven to help?

We aim to ensure an accessible comprehensive system where all Ontarians can get quality care no matter where they live. As the discussion evolves, we are ready and willing to work towards a more responsive health care system to address these life-threatening conditions.

Gail Czukar, CEO
Addictions and Mental Health Ontario


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