Mental health affects us all. There is help available.

Our Vision

The best mental health and addiction system, anywhere.

Addictions & Mental Health Ontario (AMHO) is committed to building a strong system of addiction and mental health care for Ontarians.

This commitment is rooted in the experiences of people we see every day who lead full, healthy lives because they found the help they needed.

AMHO advocates for a mental health and addiction service system that is:

Supporting Recovery

Each year about 20% of Canadians will experience a mental health or addiction problem. The most common challenges – anxiety, depression, problematic alcohol use – can interfere with work, relationships and good health. More serious problems are less common. Conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and alcohol and drug dependence typically require more significant health interventions and greater social supports.

Everyone in Ontario deserves access to the services and supports that allow them to lead full, healthy and active lives. The journey of recovery is highly personal, and should always be client driven. However, everyone with a mental health or addiction problem can be helped by caring professionals, peers, and loved ones. Like everyone else, people with mental health and addiction problems need secure and safe housing, a decent income, and the opportunity to participate in the life of their community.

Providing clinical care and compassionate support is what AMHO members do every day.

Where does recovery happen?

Some Ontarians with mental health and addiction needs require intensive supports delivered by hospitals, under the care of psychiatrists. But most Ontarians can be supported in their own community.

Primary care plays a huge role. Community-based services such as recovery homes, supportive housing, case management and peer-to-peer services support Ontarians where they live. With the help of these services, people with mental health and addiction problems are confronting stigma, challenging stereotypes, and contributing to stronger communities.

How do I find the help I need?


If you are in a crisis please call 911, or visit your local hospital emergency room.

The best source for information on services all across the province is ConnexOntario. Their toll-free phone number is 1-866-531-2600. Referral specialists available 24/7 for information and referral support.

Or you can speak with your family doctor.