AMHO Snapshots

Snapshots are short summaries outlining evidence, Ontario examples and policy recommendations on topics that are essential to improving the mental health and addictions system. These Snapshots can be used as a resource by service providers, policymakers and system managers in their advocacy, service design, system planning and decision-making.

Snapshot: Better Served in the Community – Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Designated People with Mental Health & Addictions Issues

ALC designation is given when a patient has completed treatment and no longer requires the intensive supports provided in the hospital setting, but remains in hospital because they do not have a home to return to with the supports that they need. One quarter of all ALC patient days are patients requiring mental health services waiting in hospital to be discharged to a more appropriate setting. This Snapshot provides system planners and mental health and addictions service providers an overview of the needs of these patients and recommendations on how they can better be served in the community.


Snapshot: Trans-Inclusion in Mental Health & Addictions Services

Trans people face disproportionately high rates of mental health and addictions issues, yet face many barriers to care including violence, harassment and discrimination. This snapshot provides mental health and addictions service providers with information and best practices for trans-inclusion. Including trans people in services is not just important in order to provide services to those who most need it, but a legal obligation under the Ontario Human Rights Code.



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