Strategic Plan

Addictions and Mental Health Ontario (AMHO) is a member-based association representing the full continuum of mental health and addiction organizations and services, ranging from community-based service providers to peer support and consumer survivor groups, to Community Health Centres and hospital-based services. Through advocacy initiatives, communications and policy work, AMHO provides leadership within the sector by acting as the collective voice of its diverse membership.

At AMHO, we recognize that as an association, our plan is an extension of our members needs and priorities, as well as their commitment and expertise in serving people with addiction and mental illness. Our new plan is grounded in the input of our membership, staff, people with lived experience, families and caregivers, partners, system leaders and our Board members. Our approach was to focus on our many strengths, while also acknowledging the need to position the organization in a way that will enable it to sustainably deliver on its promise to its members and the people of Ontario.

AMHO strongly believes that our refreshed vision, mission and priorities will allow us to build on our tremendous success to date, and will allow the organization to continue to be a trusted provincial voice for addiction and mental health.

Priority 1

Advocate for quality services and evidence-informed public policy.


  1. Develop a position on core services, stepped care, data, performance measurement, quality culture
  2. Developing thought leadership on crucial longer-term issues in Mental Health and Addiction. Limit to one issue per year. The issues are to be informed by member resolutions
  3. Develop a proposed investment strategy for the $3.8B investments in Mental Health and Addiction
  4. Position AMHO as a leader on health system transformation through continuous engagement with critical stakeholders and across sectors (i.e. Ontario Health, Ontario Health Teams, Hallway Healthcare, Centre of Excellence, service provider integration)

Priority 2

Foster effective communications between Addictions and Mental Health Ontario, its membership and government.


  1. Conduct an audit of member services, communications, events and Communities of Practice
  2. Continue to support members with navigating major system changes including Ontario Health Teams and the Mental Health and Addiction Centre of Excellence through various tools
  3. Develop a reciprocal communication strategy that creates a feedback loop between AMHO, its membership and government
  4. Develop and implement a pre-2022 provincial election advocacy strategy

Priority 3

Align the organization to sustainably deliver on its priorities.


  1. Align the operational/human resourcing capacity of the organization to deliver effectively on the first two priorities
  2. Develop a decision-making matrix to evaluate current and future partnerships. The framework would enshrine core partnership principles and ensure that the organization is engaging in high impact partnerships that maximize the value for money
  3. Explore potential partnerships in two areas:
    • Service contracts and shared service agreements
    • Strategic alliances
  4. Review the membership fee structure for the organization

Evaluating Our Success

AMHO is committed to being a strong and trusted voice advocating for a better system of care for people living with addiction and mental health challenges. This strategic plan provides strategic direction and operational guidance for the organization. In the spirit of holding our organization accountable to this plan, AMHO outlined annual outcomes to guide us:

Strategic priority: Advocate


  • Year 1: Members and the Ontario Government are aware of AMHO’s recommendations for the development and implementation of a comprehensive and connected addiction and mental health plan.
  • Year 2: Ontario Health Teams and Ontario Health approach AMHO for information and advice.
  • Year 3: Government adopts AMHO’s recommendations for investments in the sector.
Strategic priority: Communicate


  • Year 1: Members are kept informed of all policy developments and are empowered to contribute their experiences and expertise in conversations with government.
  • Year 2: AMHO has an increased capacity to better share it’s message with stakeholders, such as the broader health care sector, government leaders and officials.
  • Year 3: AMHO is receiving regular earned media coverage.
Strategic priority: Sustain


  • Year 1: AMHO has a tailored and comprehensive framework that would enable the organization to engage in high impact partnerships and collaborations.
  • Year 2: Staff at AMHO are more engaged and possess the core skills and competencies needed to deliver on the plan.
  • Year 3: The organization’s fee structure and partnerships allow it to effectively deliver on our mandate.

Today, addiction and mental health challenges are among our province’s most pressing health care concerns. AMHO looks forward to work alongside its members, government and other stakeholders to ensure that Ontarians have access to the services they need. An essential part of building a connected addiction and mental health system is for all of us to come together, collaborate, and work effectively in order to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Together we can take steps to dismantle barriers to care for those experiencing addiction and mental health challenges, and ensure that we are working towards an integrated and connected system where no one falls through the cracks, and everyone is receiving the care they need, when they need it.