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Nazareth House Joins Forces with Jean Tweed

18th Jul 2016 AMHO News

July 18, 2016The Jean Tweed Center Nazareth House

The Jean Tweed Centre (JTC) and Nazareth House are pleased to announce that effective July 12, 2016, Nazareth House Inc. will transfer its operations to the Jean Tweed Centre. The addition of transitional housing to Jean Tweed’s existing suite of services will create a wider range of housing options for women with substance use and mental health concerns.

The Jean Tweed Centre is a community-based organization that provides services for women and their families in a safe and supportive environment for women with substance use, mental health, and/or gambling issues; Nazareth House provides transitional housing for women at risk, including mothers with infants to support them as they move towards independent living.

With shared values and complementary mandates, the two organizations saw a wonderful opportunity to provide a seamless continuum of support for women experiencing both substance use and mental health issues as well as housing instability. “We believe that offering stability and a safe space for women where they can work towards their substance use and related mental health, physical health, parenting, employment and personal life goals is essential” (shared statement from Board Chairs, Erin Keleher and Walter Spracklin).

Staff from both JTC and Nazareth House are eager to work together and believe that this type of integration can truly make a difference for women and children.   “Most importantly, we are excited to be in a position to provide our clients with more options and support as they navigate towards their goals and move in the direction of more stable and independent housing” noted Leanna Savion, Manager at Nazareth House . 

Staff from Nazareth House will join the staff team at the Jean Tweed Centre and the JTC Board of Directors will welcome representation from Nazareth House’s Board.

If you have any questions, please contact: Lucy Hume, Executive Director, the Jean Tweed Centre, 416 255-7359 x223.


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